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Rhythm Guitar and Vocals


The beginning of Michael’s love of music started with his family.  Michael’s father played the trumpet and harmonica and was always singing around the house on the weekends.  Michael’s parents gave him his first stringed instrument for Christmas, 1963 and he played it night and day until the neighbors complained.

Michael began performing music in bands in the early 1960’s but had to lay down his guitar for a short time to attend college and the Southeast Asia War Games.  From the time he returned from overseas to the present, he has never been far from a guitar.

While attending post graduate school in Southern California in the 1970’s he joined a group of musicians and began playing rock music professionally in clubs and smaller venues in and around the Los Angeles area.  The experience taught him that music “fed his soul” and he came to realize that he needed to be a part of the music industry.  Although he and his 1970’s band mates are engaged in diverse careers and live in different areas of the country, they remain close friends and attend a yearly reunion to connect and play music. 

Although Michael was away from professional music for a period of time while he pursued a career in law, his love of performing never waned.  Ever since he and Doug Carr got together for that fateful jam session, Michael has been playing professionally in the Puget Sound area.

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