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About “The Fabulous Boomers”

In 1990 “The Fabulous Boomers” fittingly started when Michael Watkins and Doug Carr got together for an impromptu jam session.  Both had experience in rock and roll bands but this would be their first time playing together. The two began comparing past musical experiences and very quickly it became obvious that a new band was in the making.  Soon a set list was constructed of “feel good rock and roll” songs and with the addition of their friend and golfing partner, Larry Lommel, “The Fabulous Boomers” were on their way!  Within a few months the band added the talented vocalist and songwriter, M. J. Bishop (www.mjbishopband.com), and her lively and passionate performances took the Boomers to the next level. 

Shortly thereafter, “The Fabulous Boomers” attracted the attention of enduring band leader and Northwest musical legend, Neil Rush (www.neilrush.com).  Neil graciously took the Boomers under his wing and with his help, Doug Carr transformed the band into a premier Northwest musical force.  Curtis Yunker, longtime bass player for the “Neil Rush Band,” joined the band along with recording artist and world-class drummer/vocalist Rob Straube.  Finally Doug called on his lifelong friend and renowned keyboardist, Peter Haskell, to complete the core group. 

The history of “The Fabulous Boomers” can’t be told without mentioning singing sensation Jessica Sands, daughter of the 1950’s singer and screen idol, Tommy Sands.  Jessica’s talents brought the band to new heights and opened doors to the best performing venues in the Pacific Northwest.  The Fabulous Boomers were honored to back her and her father, Tommy Sands, at several of his performances throughout Puget Sound area.

Over the years a number of other gifted musicians played important roles in the development of the band.  Drummers Mike Salvage, Tim Kelliher and Roy Scimica; Keyboardist Mike Rush; Guitarists Mike “Flip” Williams, and Mark Black; and vocalists Sandy Carbary, Robin Weakland and Kim Martz helped “The Fabulous Boomers” establish themselves as one of the top Pacific Northwest bands.

Typical Stage Set Up

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