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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.- How should I go about deciding if The Fabulous Boomers are right for my event?

A. - Navigate our website, listen to the song clips, look at the pictures and read about the individual members of the band. If you like what you see and hear, request a promo pack and we will gladly send you additional information for you to review. If you have time, contact us and ask to meet with members of the band personally. This is a great way to get to know us and this personal contact will give you a very good idea of how much you and your guests will enjoy The Fabulous Boomers.

Q. - I really want a live band, but my parents are concerned that it will be too loud. Can you play quietly enough so that folks can still hear to talk without having to shout?

A. - Absolutely! Remember, this is your special function and The Fabulous Boomers want to make every detail perfect. You will have complete control over the playing volume.

Q. - I really like a certain song that's not on your Songlist. Would you be willing to learn this song for us?

A. - Of course. Between the five of us we know literally hundreds of songs and in all likelihood one of our members has performed your special song at another occasion. In the improbable event that we are unfamiliar with the song, we ask that you provide us with a good quality recording and we will make every effort to learn it faithful to its original style. Depending on the complexity of the song, there may be a small additional charge.

Q. - Where can I come hear you play?

A. - The band makes public appearances periodically, and a list of our upcoming performances can be found by going to our Event Calendar. However, The Fabulous Boomers concentrate on performing at private Country Clubs and exclusive special events where the public may not be invited.

Q. - What if I can't make it to one of these performances prior to my special event?

A. - If your schedule does not permit you to make it to one of our public performances, we periodically invite prospective clients out to one of our rehearsals. You can meet and talk with the band in an informal setting, and you are welcome to bring a close friend or an event planner with you if you like.

Q. - How do you dress for a performance?

A. - Depending on the event, The Fabulous Boomers will wear dress shirts and ties or more casual clothing befitting the occasion. Please let us know if you have a particular preference and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your request.

Q. - Can you hold a date open for me?

A. - We book the band on a first come, first served basis. If you have expressed an interest in booking the band for a particular date, we will let you know if another party has expressed an interest in engaging us for the same night. We will give you the “right of first refusal”.

Q. - How can I check and see if you're available for my date?

A. - Please click on our Event Calendar and see if there is a conflict with the date of your event.

Q. - Do The Fabulous Boomers use a contract?

A. - Yes. We have a standard contract which outlines the basic terms of our agreement. If there are special services that you would like added to our agreement, please contact us and we will attempt to modify the contract accordingly.

Q. - What is the process for booking the band?

A. - It's really very easy:

First, please check our Event Calendar and make sure that The Fabulous Boomers are available for your date;

Second, Contact Us and we will provide you with a contract and any additional information you request;

Third, deliver to us a signed contract and a 50% deposit to secure the engagement.

We will calendar and reserve the date, time and place for your special event.

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